Three Things About February Half Term

It’s drawing to a close. Here we go.

  1. I’ve had a great time for the most part. There’s been too much sitting around looking at a screen but I blame the shocking weather during the first half of the week for that. We’ve done things, relaxed, had enough sleep – most of the time. Genuinely, this has been a week where I have felt refreshed.
  2. There are many, many things that I should have done for work that I’ve not. Nothing that needs doing and that I can’t get done before 9am Monday, but I could probably have made my life up to Easter easier if I’d ticked off a few things that have been rumbling on. Would I have felt so relaxed though?
  3. Whilst during the first two-thirds of the week I’ve been on a roll, closer to the force of nature I can be than I have been for a long time, the fear has kicked in now. The anxiety that the meds ease wasn’t there on Monday or Tuesday. But then Sunday evening started on Friday morning. If I couldn’t do it, If I was rubbish at what I do, I’d get it but I can and I’m not and there are no Dementors due for years so what is this feeling? Should I just look at #2? Should I have to?
Albert Bierstadt – Storm in the Mountains, c. 1870